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How to replace a double light switch


A double light switch is used to switch on and off two separate light sources in an area. The wiring in this case is practically the same as that of a single light switch, but there are some fundamental differences. Here is how to replace a double light switch, either because the original one is old or because you want a new style.

Cut the power

Working with electricity is not something to take for granted; if you are not careful, you can seriously hurt yourself. It does not matter whether you are wiring something as simple as a double light switch or as complicated as a junction box, because the gravity is the same.

Locate the main electrical panel that supplies the entire house. If you are lucky, the circuit breakers in the switchboard will be identified, so you can easily disconnect the power in the area you are working in. If the switchboard is not labelled correctly, disconnect the main power for safety.

Access to the double light switch

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the switch faceplate in place. Before starting work, put on the earthing strap and connect the other end to the bare metal of the box. Then, the circuit tester to check that the current is actually switched off. Press the contacts on each wire and on each space between the wires. If current is not present, you may continue.

Identify the wires

In almost all electrical wiring there are hot wires, neutral wires and a ground wire. The red one is usually hot wire, but can also be black. A bare green or yellow wire (or green with a yellow stripe) is the earthing wire, while the white wire is the neutral wire.

In a double switch configuration, you will have several wires, one for each luminaire and one going to the switch box. Put a strip of insulation tape around the hot wires so that they can be easily identified later.

Connect the double light switch

Take and group the rest of the similarly coloured wires from the wall box, bare wires with bare wires or white with white, as required; only the hot wires should be left without a group. Then cut and remove the insulation from the ends of each of the grouped wires. Twist the bare ends together and close them with a wire nut.

Loosen the screws of the double-light switch. Then imitate the wire connections on the old double-light switch by wrapping the ends of the hot wires around these screws. Typically, the hot wire from the switch box should be connected to the black terminal screw on the common side of the switches, while the hot wires leading to the lamps should be connected to the other two terminal screws. When finished, tighten the screws and secure the switches to the switch box. Finally, replace the faceplate and switch the power back on to check the results of your work.

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